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The Magic Lawyer

Welcome to the law office of Bob Spears, The Magic Lawyer. The legal resources on this site span a wide range of practice areas and subject matter. I hope they are a true value to you.

Making the Legal Field Accessible

After practicing law for 30+ years in the Southeast, I’ve devoted much of my retired spare time to creating resources for those exploring the legal field. I found that much of the legal knowledge is not accessible, so I’ve been seeking to condense it and simplify it for the average person exploring law. I hope these are helpful.

Legal Expertise in a Wide Range of Industries

Our Core Practice Areas

Family Law

Divorce law, alimony, child custody, and more.

Criminal Law

Felonies, infractions, misdemeanors, and more.

International Law

Treaties, customs, human rights, labor laws, and more.

Property Law

Natural rights, leins, real estate law, and more.

Business Law

Employment, corporate governance, and more.

Agricultural Law

Agricultural infrastructure, seed, water, fertilizer, and more.

Immigration Law

Citizenship, visas, naturalization, and more.

Construction Law

Building permits, OSHA, sustainability, and more.

Health Law

Medical malpractice, administrative law, and more.

IT or Cyber Law

Copyrights, fair use, spamming, and more.

Military Law

Jurisdiction, military crimes, war, and more.

Sports Law

Title IX, CBAs, salary caps, and more.

Tort & Civil Law

Personal injury, professional malpractice, and more.

Bankruptcy Law

Chapter 11, chapter 13, debt settlement, and more.

Elder Law

Trusts, wills, power of attorney, and more.

Expert Legal Knowledge Base

Resources & Recent Posts

The Sources of Law

Explore law sources across the world.

Legal Theory

Learn the different types of legal theory.

Law Making

Learn about legislation and how laws are made.

Trials and Courts

Learn about how trials and court work.