Pedestrian Accident Lawyer – How To Choose The Best One

When selecting a pedestrian accident lawyer, it is important to evaluate their experience with handling cases like yours and their ability to provide guidance through the medical and legal process. Here are few advices:

Your Lawyer Must Have Experience in Similar Cases

It is recommended to consider one with experience in pedestrian accidents. Inquire about their past experience in representing pedestrians to ensure you are confident in their qualifications.

High Success Rate 

It is important to research an attorney’s success rate in pedestrian cases- how many have they resolved positively or negatively. Review the amount awarded in those cases that were successful to set expectations for your own case. A reputable attorney with a sound track record of successes will be able to provide insight into the likely outcome of yours.

Find Out About Lawyer’s Reputation

You should obtain a sense of an attorney’s reputation from past clients and other attorneys. Satisfied clients are a good indication of the attorney’s abilities, while positive recommendations from other attorneys are reflective of the attorney’s quality. If an attorney is not able or willing to offer references, it may be best to avoid them.

Don’t Pay Hourly Fees

It is not advisable to pay a personal injury attorney an hourly fee. Accident attorneys of good repute operate on a contingency basis; they are only rewarded by the proceeds of the award and are not compensated by you. This way, you can lower your risk of hiring an attorney and have someone advocating for you.

Contingency fees for legal services typically start at 33%, but may increase depending on the complexity of case and whether a lawsuit or trial is necessary. Additionally, out-of-pocket costs such as court filing fees may need to be covered by the client, either up-font or through deductions from recovery at the end of the case. The lawyer should discuss the fee structure with you, providing a formal agreement in writing.

Look for a lawyer with whom you will get along

It may seem that hiring the most effective berserk lawyer who will fight for you to the last drop of blood is what you need. However, remember that you must have a good relationship with this person. He will become a part of your life for months or years, and will have access to very personal information. Find someone with whom you will communicate as a friend. Sometimes you will be frustrated with the process and your lawyer friend will hear you through those difficult times.

What Compensation is Available After a Pedestrian Accident?

Most car accidents involve two types of recoverable damages. Economic damages are a form of compensation that address the financial impact of accidents. Potential economic damages caused by a pedestrian-car accident may include:

  • Medical expenses.
  • Wages that were not received.
  • The cost of hiring assistance for household chores and tasks.

Non-economic damages are the second type of damages. They are harder to evaluate than economic damages, but they are intended to provide compensation for the personal and physical consequences of an accident, including injuries and medical treatment. Among such damages could include:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Mental distress, anxiety, and depression.
  • Decreased quality of life.
  • The long-term effects of disability or disfigurement.

How Much Money Can You Get From Getting Hit By A Car?

According to data from settlements of pedestrian accidents between 2015 and 2021, the average settlement amount is $36,253.73.

The amount of a settlement for a pedestrian accident varies depending on insurance, liability, degree of injuries, and risk tolerance. Therefore, this average should not be considered to be a definitive standard for all such cases.

Here is a selection of sample car accident settlements for pedestrians who have been struck by cars or trucks:

A pedestrian accident resulted in a $65,000 settlement.

In California, a man in a crosswalk was hit by a car. He reported leg pain to the first responders. After examination, the doctor diagnosed a broken fibula (lower leg bone). Surgery was not necessary. The case was settled with GEICO paying $65,000.

The medical insurance company paid for most of the client’s medical bills. After settlement, the health insurer decreased its liens and the client had to cover $8,000 of those bills. The client received $57,000 in compensation for pain and suffering.

A pedestrian accident settlement of $70,000 was secured.

A pedestrian was struck by a car and suffered extensive injuries, including a sacrum fracture, tibial plateau fracture, and four damaged discs. The severity of the lower back injury led to the bulk of the compensation in this case, since it kept the woman from working for weeks and necessitated months of physical therapy.

USAA paid $70K for pain and suffering.

Pedestrian Settlement: $110,000.

In Miami-Dade County, Florida, a driver struck a pedestrian in a crosswalk, resulting in an orbital fracture. The victim underwent surgery to have a plate implanted in their face for the fractured bone.

The driver’s BI liability coverage amount was $10,000. The victim’s husband had uninsured motorist coverage from Progressive, paying a total of $100,000. Thus, the total settlement was $110,000.

It’s usually a good idea to buy uninsured motorist coverage, as it can cost only $10-$15 per month and it covers you if the at-fault driver doesn’t have adequate coverage.

$215,000 settlement for pedestrian hit by car.

The pedestrian was hit by an at-fault motorist while crossing the road and was compensated $215,000 for damages.

He was injured with a concussion, separation of the shoulder and multiple cuts and bruises.

Due to failing to yield, the driver had to pay a $215,000 settlement for the pedestrian’s car accident injury costs and lost wages.

Pedestrian-Car Accident Settled for $325,000.

In Miami, a man renting a car drove to a parking lot and was affixing a parking ticket on the dashboard when another driver collided with his vehicle, resulting in the man sustaining an injury to his lower leg.

The insurance company of the at-fault driver swiftly offered $100,000 in bodily injury coverage. Surgery increases the settlement value for personal injury cases, with a broken leg worth much more than $100,000. Therefore, their quick action was necessary.

The client bought extended protection and $100,000 additional uninsured motorist coverage when renting a car. The insurance company argued the car didn’t hit him.

The other driver was employed by United States Customs at the time of the crash. After six months, the man received $125,000 as compensation for his injuries.

How Pedestrian Accident Lawyer Can Help You?

Suffered a motor vehicle accident? You might be facing injuries, time off from work, or estate matters, with the paperwork and process of dealing with an insurance company as an added burden. Considering if it’s worth the trouble to get a pedestrian accident attorney? Ask yourself if you’re prepared to cope with all these steps correctly.

A pedestrian accident lawyer can provide assistance with your case in following ways:

Investigate the Accident

To determine the cause of the crash and identify the responsible party, a thorough investigation will be required as pedestrian accidents often result in conflicting accounts.

A good pedestrian accident attorney will obtain necessary evidence to determine liability, such as interviewing witnesses, examining photographs and video footage, consulting experts, conducting a reconstruction of the accident scene, and reviewing the police report.

Calculating the Total Loss

Pedestrian accidents can be costly as they involve both direct and future expenses. A quick settlement may take care of current bills, but it could end up being more expensive in the long-term, as any future costs may not be covered.

Qualified pedestrian accident lawyer will provide you with an approximate valuation of your accident, taking into account both current and potential future expenses. This will help you to understand the value of your pedestrian accident case and how much a settlement offer could be worth.

Communicating With The Insurance Company

To ensure fair compensation following a pedestrian accident, it may be necessary to secure the assistance of an experienced car accident lawyer to negotiate with the insurance company. Insurance companies will do their best to not give you a fair settlement.

At the end of the day if a settlement cannot be reached, only experienced personal injury attorneys can get you a pedestrian accident victory in the courtroom.