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Property Law

Property law governs ownership and tenancy in real property and personal assets, encompassing acquisition, use, and disposal of tangible and intangible property. Our team is full of criminal law experts ready to assist you. We also offer a plethora of resources on criminal law.

Property law revolves around the regulation of ownership and usage of personal and real property. “Personal property” pertains to movable assets, like vehicles and appliances, while “real property” refers to immovable assets, like land and buildings. This legal domain governs how property is acquired, used, and sold, ensuring respect for ownership rights and resolving disputes regarding possession and usage. It also addresses issues related to tenancy, zoning, and land use, ensuring that property utilization complies with local and national regulations.

Additionally, property law manages the creation and enforcement of agreements related to property usage, like leases and rental agreements. It seeks to balance individual ownership rights with the need to regulate the use and distribution of property in a manner that maintains social harmony and fairness.

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